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American Pool - Potting Aid

American Pool - Potting Aid


Proven to get you potting in minutes and radically improve your game!


"A GAME CHANGER. No idea why everyone isn’t using it! 🤷🏼‍♂️"

- Shaun Murphy, 2005 Snooker World Champion & Triple Crown Winner


Used by World Champions, elite Professional players and top Cue-Sports Coaches, the CueZone Ghost Ball Potting Aid has improved the game of thousands of cue-sports players across the world.


 “A simple but very effective aid to assist players of varying ability to understand this principle and improve potting accuracy. 5*”

- Craig Worsley, WPBSA World Snooker Coach


The Ghost Ball Potting Aid is the only usable tool that does the work for you:

  • It visually shows you where the cue ball needs to hit the object ball in order to send the ball where you want it to go.
  • It shows you the true aiming point for you to successfully sight the correct line.
  • As it won’t affect the ball in play, you can leave it on the table to ensure you are cueing straight to where you need to be.


"This simple idea quickly confirms the correct angle and will certainly help visualise the shot. Once in position it was nice to step back and look at the angle required to pot the ball, it will certainly help players struggling to see the angle."

- Marc Lockley, Owner ‘Snooker Crazy’


It has proven to help any player pot more consistent, far quicker than any other know coaching technique. Its handy credit card size allows you to carry it everywhere for those impromptu visits to the snooker, billiards or pool clubs!


"The simple fact it is thin, lightweight and credit card sized, meaning it easily fits into my wallet, makes this the perfect improvement tool for potting angles. Nothing better!"

- Scott Lloyd, Passionate Snooker Player


For instructions on how to create the cross hairs on the Potting Aid, visit:

For instructions on how to effectively use the Potting Aid, visit:


"I was immediately impressed with its simplicity. I started potting balls freely and at one point even forgot I was using it! There’s no complicated gadgets or software devices or anything like that with this tool. It’s a good old-fashioned training tool which you don’t need any technical skills to get it to work!"

- Chris Gaynor, Founder of Snooker Zone

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