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Testimonial - James Pearce (Current CueZone Student)

"Rob first started coaching me just over a year ago, and I have to say the transformation has been better than I could have imagined, with more to come. I’d been an English 8-ball pool player first and foremost playing “OK” in a local league, with no coaching whatsoever until I contacted Rob, and after the first lesson he had completely torn apart my then current erratic cue action, and replaced it with something reliable and repeatable. Even now, a year on, if there is a slight transgression in my cue action he is on it like a shot...whereas most coaches in any sport by then would have taken the action as read.

Thanks to Rob and his meticulous coaching, I won a pool competition held on Easter Sunday, which in previous years I had only managed to get to the quarter finals of.

What further can I say? Other than that he’s a very articulate guy to talk to about any aspect of life, let alone snooker."

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