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One to One

How will you handle the challenge?

For the aspiring National Level, Competitive Amateur and Professional player that can consistently achieve 50+ breaks and is able to win a frame in one visit.

This fully committed programme, that gives you an average of over 18 hours of coaching each month, will get you playing at the top of your game and working on the tools required to be Q School ready.

♦ Fortnightly One to One Coaching Sessions.

♦ Regular Assessments and Goal Planning Reviews.

♦ Quarterly Match Assessment.

♦ Bespoke Training Resources.

♦ Masterclass Admittance.

♦ Access to 50+ Mastery.

50+ Mastery

How much are you willing to be pushed?

For the Intermediate player wanting to play and compete at a local level.

This immersive programme will see you to achieve regular breaks of 50+ and able to win frames in one or two visits. You will also have an understanding of the mental aspect of the game with the ability to win a local competition.

♥ Full Day Workshop each month.

♥ Full Assessment and Goal Planning.

♥ Free Resources.

♥ Bootcamp Admittance.

♥ Access to Club Master.

Club Master

Want to kick start your game?

For beginners to mid level club players that are inconsistently achieving breaks up to 30.

This great value coaching level will give you all the tool necessary to achieve regular 30-40 breaks with ability to achieve the occasional 50+ break and hold your own in club matches.

♣ Half Day Workshop every month.

♣ Private WhatsApp & Facebook Group.

One to One
50+ Mastery
Club Master
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