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Tailored Cue Sports

Performance Coaching

“ The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development.”​


- Robin Sharma

Tailored Lessons For You

Building your

perfect technique

By breaking the technique down into simple stages, you are able to learn and perfect the most efficient way for you to develop a smooth cue action. You will be able to hit the ball more accurately and consistently than ever before.

Make the cue

work for you

Once you have learned your perfect way to get a good cue action, we then switch the motion to 'auto pilot' mode.

You will be able to produce this beautiful consistent cue action without even having to think about it.


Put your new game

to the test

Now we have created your new snooker masterpiece, we can put it to the test.

You will  be able to put your new technique into game like situations and build the confidence required to play incredible snooker.


Who Is Coaching For?


For the 

Social Player

If you're aspiring to beat your regular practice partner and gain the upper edge in match play and gain a much better understanding of the game, then

…coaching is for you!


For the 

Serious Player

If you are aspiring to achieve bigger breaks and refine your technique allowing you to produce smooth and consistent shots, then

…coaching is for you!


For aspiring


If you are aspiring to become a great player looking for someone to help you really hone in on the critical key result areas of your game, then

…coaching is for you!


For aspiring


If you are looking to become one of the games elite and need help perfecting the critical key performance areas of your game, then

…coaching is for you!

This Is How...

Snooker Masterclass

We run intense masterclasses covering all aspects of the game.

This is an amazing opportunity to gain in depth knowledge, get incredible match play and much more!

(Spaces are, however, very limited)

Development Programmes

If you are not able to attend a live event or one to one sessions (or just want your routine fix) then we offer a range of general and bespoke training programmes!

No matter where you are in the world, your game can improve!

Coaching Courses

Want to improve rapidly?

Get dedicated, tailored coaching from some of the world's best snooker coaches.

There are many packages available which will all maximise your snooker game potential!


Be The Best You!

Lightbulb Moment Hunting

Have you ever seen older gentlemen down your club that have been playing for 30+ years and can only occasionally make a break higher than 20?

Practice makes permanent; so get the right practice and learn from a qualified coach!

"The transformation has been better than I could have imagined, with more to come!" 

(Next Masterclass dates TBC)

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